Some apps are there for entertainment, while others provide both the entertainment and a chance to make money. Applications that are there for grabbing money are rare, and it’s hard to find them as they get little coverage and marketing.
And even when you find a site that lists those kinds of apps, you are left with a choice between dozens of them. Now, not all of those applications are good and not each and every one of them will get you money as it promised. We decided to make a sort of a list of apps that can make money if you are willing to put in a bit of effort.
You could explore Top 7 Binary Robots and similar applications and software as they are connected to making money through binary options trading. Applications we will mention are independent, and you won’t need any other app or software, apart from them, to make money.

Making money through receipts

You were probably unaware of the applications that will generate money through receipt scanning. We found several excellent apps that you may use to earn a bit of money when you scan receipts.
First, there is Ibotta, an app that is available on both Android and iOS. It’s quite simple; you just have to download and install this application and then create a free account. Then you just take a photo of the receipt and click on “Rebates” option. This option will give you a list of items on which you can earn money. Do remember that the amount of money depends on the product and the possible promotion that may come with it.
Receipt Hog is similar to previously mentioned Ibotta, but it has several differences. First of all the points, you gain through receipts will go towards either PayPal account or Amazon gift cards. Unlike Ibotta, Receipt Hog won’t force you to purchase items in a particular store.

Other apps that you might want to use

Foap is an application through which you can sell photos. The price of the picture you make depends on you, but it’s up to a customer to decide whether the picture is worth the price. The best way to earn through this app is to take a lot of pictures and set low prices.
Fieldagent is an interesting app as it serves as a medium between you and jobs in your vicinity. Create an account on this app, and you will get access to a map with jobs. If you accept a job, you will get two hours to finish it. Having a car or a motorcycle is a must for this form of online employment.
i-Say Mobile is a web-based application that allows mobile device users to complete surveys. This application is similar to many websites as it contains numerous surveys you can complete and receive points. You can turn those points into Amazon and iTunes gift cards, or you can turn them into the cash on your PayPal account.

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