Online trading is more and more popular among traders from all over the world. There are various strategies and many types of trading, and this world seems to evolve almost on daily basis. One of the popular methods is day trading, which many online traders decide to practice. It is a risky approach, but it has many advantages and can potentially bring great fortune to traders.

What exactly is day trading?

Day trading relies on small fluctuations on price of highly liquid assets, such as stocks or indices. Day traders trade over one day, trying to catch these fluctuations and earn money while they occur. Binary traders are often categorized as day traders, because expiry times with binary options are not as long as when you trade the assets directly.

The ideal day trading situation is when you buy on low price and sell on high. With other types of trading, this can last for days. But day trading tries to take advantage of the fluctuations that happen on daily basis. Therefore, day traders are able to perform numerous trades during the same day.

Just like all approaches, this one also has its benefits and drawbacks. It depends on your knowledge skill and preferences if you should try it or not. But generally, the more skillful you are in predicting the prices and analyzing the market, the more likely you are to be a successful day trader. You can also try yourself for free – explore what demo account is at


One of the most tempting advantages of day trading is that it can bring very high profits to traders. It is simple – the more trades you perform successfully, the more money you earn, and day traders make sometimes dozens of trades during a day. Another advantage is that it can be applied to various kinds of trading. If you trade on the Forex market, for example, you know that the prices move quickly. Day traders take advantage of these changes and buy and sell currencies several times a day.

This approach can also be applied to other markets. No matter how minor the changes are during a short time, they still exist, and this is especially useful for binary traders. If you use a trading robot like Millionaire Blueprint, it will also make use of the changes and help you perform lots of trades during a single day.

Another advantage of this trading method is that it is very fast-paced and dynamic. In addition to bringing potentially high earnings, it is also very fast and allows you to trade more over a short period of time and really be focused on the market and the whole trading process.


The most obvious disadvantage of day trading is the amount of risk. As a matter of fact, if you are a beginner, you should even stick to other methods before you gain sufficient knowledge and skill in trading. Since the situation changes from one minute to another, the risk of losing money is higher than with other trading strategies.

Still, if you have experience and skill in market analysis, you can start applying this system and see how it works for you.

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